Jessica @ Cubicle Chic

About the author:

I am Jessica, a Southern California based millennial who is a marketeer by trade and fashion aficionado by heart. On  Cubicle Chic, my goal is to inspire cubicle dwellers (or office dwellers who have the luxury) who feel like their lives are sometimes confined by their work environment. I blog about many aspects of my Cubicle Life, such as outfits, healthy eating, fitness ideas, and corporate etiquettes, and hope to help expand other people's Cubicle Life at the same time. 

I have a background in science so I tend to write with an analytical voice. I have also been in marketing for as long as I've had a job, so I enjoy playing the role of a maven and spreading the news about what I believe to be good, positive, and worthy of your attention!

About this blog: 

Cubicle Chic is written for women who work in the corporate setting, who need to maintain that professional and polished appearance, and want to showcase their personal style while doing so. Cubicle Chic is an open canvas to paint my visions and help my readers make the impressions you want to make and have a happy cubicle life!

I try to blog as often as the combination of work and life allows me to. Sometimes this means once a week, other times it means once a month. But I can always be found on Instagram! Find me on Instagram and all the platforms and just say hi!