Apps for Creating Amazing Covershots (For Poshmark & Other Social Media Platforms)

I've gotten this question a lot on Poshmark from people who are curious about how I created some of my cover images. I am spilling the beans today! They're hardly secrets though, as I've shared them on Poshmark many many times.  This is just a way to centralize my helpful tidbits so more people can see! 

Note: If you're completely new to this topic, I'd read up on Poshmark's recommend tips to create amazing covershots here. It's got some very easy to follow tips on what basic rules to follow! 

1. Free Templates: STUDIO 

To download, iPhone here, Android here.

This is a FREE app that provides thousands of templates for you to use. All you need to provide is a base image (see #2 below). You can edit the text, size of the text and other graphics, remove individual elements, add individual elements, so on and so forth. Here are a few examples I've created. Some base images are mine (first row), some images I got from the app mentioned in #2 (second row). 

2.  Free Base Images: LINE DECO

To download, iPhone here, Android here

All this app does is providing amazing wall papers for your phone, for FREE. What I've started doing is download these cute images and add other elements onto them! And if you use LINE, an instant messaging app that's gaining popularity quite a lot recently, LINE DECO is created by the same company :) Below are some examples of super cute images I've gotten from LINE DECO. 

3. Adding Text and Creating Collages:  A Beautiful Mess

To download, iPhone here, Android here

This is an app I've been using for years. It's not free, but it costs a measly $0.99. It's created by the creative geniuses behind A Beautiful Mess blog, and it allows you to create collages of images, and add beautiful text to them! There are quite a lot of fonts, and they're very unique! It's well worth the $0.99 in my opinion. Below are examples of images I've created using ABM. Top row are all Poshmark items I've sold, row two are collages I've created combining different images. 

4. Photo Editing: Snapseed

To download, iPhone here, Android here.

This is another FREE app, which allows you to edit the tone/brightness/contrast, etc, of your photos. Judging from the last sentence, you probably already know I am  no professional when it comes to photography. So I'm not going to pretend I know how exactly to recommend this app.... I just know it works. When I am not satisfied with a particular image, I open it up in Snapseed and play with it using all the levers, until I get it right. More often than not, it works out awesomely. See examples below - images on the left are the original, and on the right are the edited versions!