What's in my work bag?

I'll be the first to confess that "finding the perfect work bag" is something that's made me click on that "order" button online many, many times. 

Yet, this quest seems to be a never-ending journey! Today, though, I wanted to share with you my favorite work bag so far in my 5+ years working in the corporate world. It's the Banana Republic Larkin Tote


Here's a quick view of what I usually carry in my bag... and all the links for where you can find them!

I always have to have my Chanel Sunglasses with me. Being in Southern California and a 90 minute commute everyday, it's brutal to go without sunglasses. In terms of the content of my cosmetic pouch, I have a lip balm, a tube of Tylenol, a mint oral spray, a NYX matte lip color, and a little leather pouch if I need to run out for lunch so I can grab some of my ID's and credit cards for quick access. Lastly, I just have my car key and my Louis Vuitton French wallet. 

Cubicle Chic || What's in my work bag?

There is something that's a little different about my work bag though, something that I am sometimes a bit bashful to share with people. It's absolutely adooorable, makes me smile everyday when I look at it. Not the most professional accessory in my bag, yes.... but something that makes me happy :) It's my TOTORO ID CASE, Ta-DA!!! 

Cubicle Chic || What's in my work bag

What's in your work bag?? What's something that is unusual??  

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