Classic LBD with a Twist

Everyone knows that a Little Black Dress (LBD) is a tried and true, classic, and effortless piece every professional working woman should have in her closet. What may not be as widely known though, is LBD's more modern, versatile, and currently trending cousin.. the LBSD - Little Black Shirt Dress. Ok I made that up but it's pretty clever, right?

I knew this piece had a lot of potential versatility to it when I saw it on Poshmark. It's an Olive & Oak little black shirt dress with an open front, and a soft tie around the waist to close up the piece. I can already envision so many ways that this piece can be worn...

I decided to wear this piece just as a normal LBD.. I paired it with a these gorgeous, GORGEOUS, did I say gorgeous, strappy heels from Missguided. They can be found here at a discounted price on ASOS.

This outfit right now may not be immediately office appropriate, but I could easily pair It with a white turtle neck, a pair of trousers and wear this shirt dress open. Or I can wear this over a collared shirt and a pair of jeans, and that would be a perfect casual Friday outfit. I am so excited about it already!

Here are 6 different dresses that are highly similar, at a spectrum of price points!

All Photography by Ngoc M Nguyen

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