Confession of a Shopaholic: 4 ways that Poshmark has Positively Changed my Shopping Behavior

Today on Cubicle Chic I wanted to talk to you about something  that is close and dear to my everyday life. It's an app called Poshmark, and the influence it's had on me and my shopping behavior. Read on if you want clear out closet space, find discounted luxury goods, and make friends while you're at it! Here are 4 ways that Poshmark has permanently changed my shopping behavior. It could change yours too! 

Things I have bought from or sold on my Poshmark closet

Things I have bought from or sold on my Poshmark closet

1. For expensive and trendy items, always check Poshmark first!

If you follow any fashion blogs or news sites, you are probably constantly bombarded with the latest trends and IT items to buy. Let’s face it, your will power only takes you so far. Before you know it you’re giving in, taking the plunge and spending that money that’s REALLY supposed to go to your savings. And after all the ordering and shipping and opening the package, you’re already eyeing the next purse, pair of shoes, or fashion accessory that has you lusting all over it…  

Except, with Poshmark’s help, you can David-and-Goliath your way out of pickle (kind of proud of this sentence). I have developed the habit of always checking the availability of something new and trendy that I’m lusting over on Poshmark, before I head over the Shopbop, Farfetch, or and click the ORDER button.

Here are a few things you might be so tempted to buy new but can find discounted (sometimes used, sometimes new) ones on Poshmark. Mansur Gavriel bucket bag? Here. Aquazurra shoes? Here. Kendra Scott earrings? Here. DVF wrap dress? Here. Rag & Bone booties? Here. And the list literally goes on, and on, and on...

If you haven’t already, I suggest you take your to-buy list, and check all the items one by one on Poshmark. You might be surprised what you find there!

2. Before making a new purchase, always ask “Can I resell this on Poshmark when I get tired of it? Will it have good resale value?”

As a continuation of the last topic, Poshmark also helps make me feel less guilty about purchasing something if I know I can re-sell it in the future when I grow tired it, or find out that a it doesn’t really fit my life style (as is always the case with shoes).  Or, if I know I am onto a particular style/type of item relatively early, I will feel better snatching it at full retail price knowing the demand is growing and I will be able to get my investment back by listing it on Poshmark when I decide to part ways with it.

Some examples of such trendy type of purchases that I was able to pass onto other fashionistas on Poshmark include several pairs of Rayban mirrored sunglasses, the Chiara Ferragne “Flirt” Slip-ons, the Quay “My Girl” sunglasses, the Michael Kors Selma bag, and the YSL Arty ring. These were all things that I knew weren't going to come down on price too soon, and will continue to be desirable for a while so I bought them at retail, and re-listed on Poshmark after I’d moved onto other shiny things. 

3. Too much loss to take to thrift stores but taking up unnecessary closet space?

If you have a shopping problem like I do (I did put the word “confession” in the title of this entry), you know this problem all too well. It was a good deal, it was a GREAT item, and it was what everyone was talking about! The only problem is it 1) doesn’t fit, or 2)you don’t have the occasion for it, or 3) never lost the weight you SWORE you were going to lose. Whatever the problem, this item remains in your closet. It brings a smile or two to your face when you think about how happy you were when you first bought it, but takes up the space in your closet and room that can hold OTHER items that will bring MORE smiles to your face! See how easily

Do not despair! Your solution is this little app called Poshmark. Take some nice photos of this item (find tips for photo styling here), type up your love story with it, and post it on Poshmark. Someone, no matter how long it takes, will give it its due attention as long as it’s something that’s in good shape and is truly desirable.  I’ve passed on many pairs of impulse shoe and sunglasses buys this way, and made friends and happy customers alike as a result.

4. Fangirling so hard after a fashion blogger (e.g. Wendy’s Lookbook, Claire Marshall, Le Fashion Monster), I wish I could raid her closet! Wait a second…??

With the ever expanding Poshmark community, more and more fashionistas are joining in, and many fashion bloggers who are practically household names these days, are no exception. Some of the most famous bloggers I personally follow have made their way to Poshmark where you and I can literally raid their closet!


I hope you found this article useful. Let me know if you have a poshmark account! I'll be sure to follow and share your items :) as we say on Poshmark, Sharing is Caring

P.S. I am going to be attending the 2015 PoshFest, Poshmark's annual meet-up, in San Francisco this year! It takes place on 11/7 & 11/8 so it's fast approaching. Leave me a note if you're going too!!