For the Fall - Transition Outfit featuring Dot Lace Pencil Skirt & a little bit about a personal challenge

Hi readers, sorry I've been away for so long! I had moved back to San Diego last month, and between that, work, and keeping my life together, it's taken a toll on my blog posts. I promise I won't be as absent in October! 

Today, I am sharing a personal challenge, not just an outfit. The pencil skirt is such a workwear stable but has always been something I've found difficult to wear, for a number of reasons. But the main reason is that I don't believe it flatters my body shape, and I am extremely self conscious whenever I wear a pencil skirt. Yet, when I saw this white lace pencil skirt on Banana Republic AND on sale, I could not resist.. and I told myself, you are Cubicle Chic, you're going to make this work.

So here's the outfit.. read on for 4 tips on how I made this work! 


Top: James Deen Knit Sweater from DailyLook found here
Bottom: Banana Republic Dot Lace Pencil Skirt found here
Heels: Banana Rebpulic Black Pumps here
Necklace: Boutique

Here's a few pointers on how I made the pencil skirt easier to wear:

1) Dark color top. Maroon is so fitting for the season, but more importantly it balances the attention on the pencil skirt by shifting it away from your bottom. 

2) Loose fitting item. In this case it happened to be the same maroon color top as well. It's something to contrast the tightness of the skirt so the outfit has variety in the way it fits. I think a loose fitting cardigan would work too. 

3) HEELS. This is hardly a secret or even tip... heels always instantly elongates you silhouette and changes your posture so you look more slender. I recommend 3 inches or higher. 

4) Big wavy hair. I contemplated putting my hair into a pony tail, but I decided against it. It's because having the waviness in my hair just rounds out my overall shape.. and shifts the attention to my bottom toward the top and therefore balancing my outfit overall. 

So what do you think? Yea or nay? And what's your most self-conscious type of wear? I am curious.. 

All photography by Ngoc M Nguyen