My experience attending PoshFest 2015

It's been three days since I came back from PoshFest in San Francisco and I'm still winding down from the high... yea, it was THAT fun! 

PoshFest 2015 took place in San Francisco in the SF Design Center building. Photography: Anna-Alexia Photo

PoshFest 2015 took place in San Francisco in the SF Design Center building. Photography: Anna-Alexia Photo

For those of you wondering what PoshFest is, it's an annual gathering for avid users of an app called Poshmark. Poshmark allows you to sell and buy women's fashion items in used or new condition. I've previously blogged about my experience using Poshmark here. PoshFest is a two day event that's designed to educate Poshmark users on how to take your closet business to the next level. Mixed into the event are seminars featuring panel speakers that are power sellers on the app and industry experts, and also networking sessions that allow poshers to get to know each other in a pretty intimate setting (speed networking, anyone?). In fact, we were all encouraged to bring our business cards. Below is a quick series of photos that gives you a glimpse of the fabulousity of this event (photography by  Anna-Alexia Photo): 

I want to talk about why I had wanted to go to PoshFest in the first place and what I was expecting from the event. I've been on Poshmark since December 2012, so it's been around 3 years since I've been actively poshing. In the last three years I've sold over over $7000 worth of stuff, mostly from my own closet. I've become a "suggested user" and amassed over 200K followers on the app, which some would consider a small success. My blog Cubicle Chic was born out of the encouragement I received from fellow Poshmark users and the realization that there is an online community that is engaging and supportive. So when I found out about this year's PoshFest I immediately signed up. I was hoping to put faces to the closets I've been sharing, and to start building a network in the fashion industry. 

Having said that, it wasn't an easy decision to make. I knew I would be going alone after a quick survey of friends and family. Striking up conversation with strangers and engaging in small talks aren't my strong suit, so I've always found these types of events intimidating. Not to mention I'll be mingling with 200+ other ultra fashionable and fierce business women. The thought of going alone was frightening to say the least.

But I still went. And that was the best decision I've made in a LONG time. Here are a few photos to prove that: 

I've met so many fellow poshers this time that I know will be long term friendships.I honestly don't know where else I would've met these fabulous, smart, sassy and fierce ladies if it wasn't for PoshFest! For that, I am forever grateful. 

Something else that I got to understand from this event is that this community is really based on something fundamentally good. Manish, the CEO of Poshmark calls it love (see below). I call it relentless positivity. Poshmark's business model is based on members' active sharing of each other closet. Without this, there is no revenue or sales for the company. This proactive sharing and mutual fostering of each other's success is what makes this business successful (even though I'm surprised to find from one of the founders Tracy that this company  isn't yet profitable). It's no wonder that there is a community so full of encouragement and positivity. Each and every Poshmark team members came across as genuine, warm, and sincere. It couldn't possibly be a facade. I was there to feel it myself! 

All in all I am very glad that I decided to go. I met so many people that are driven, dedicated, stylish, and just downright nice. If it was up to me, the world should be filled with these kinds of people and only these kinds of people. Looking forward to PoshFest 2016! 

For those of you who also went, what were your thoughts??