The Third Piece Rule & what it means for the Cubicle Chic

If you have a corporate job and care about looking half decent when you’re at work, you probably face this challenge all too often getting dressed  in the morning:

“Didn't I just wear this last week?“

With the confines of dressing professionally and appropriately, (let’s face it – if it was up to me I’d be rocking ripped jeans everyday) it’s not a walk in a park to always look polished & presentable, at the same time showing creativity in your outfit creation. I try to solve the problem by sticking with basic neutrals that could go with everything else I own, so I don’t have to brainstorm (more like brain-hurricane) in the morning as I get ready. Still, a slight problem still exists, which is that I end up creating really similar outfits or just gravitating toward the same piece over and over again. There are 5 work days a week is about 260 work days a year. Who has that much time to create 260 different looks?!

This is where the Third Piece Rule comes in handy. In case you haven’t heard, the Third Piece Rule is the wardrobe philosophy that adding a "third piece", whether be it a statement necklace (any bold accessories) or an outerwear like a vest or a blazer, instantly makes the ensemble more elevated and interesting.  You can read all about it here. 

Here, I am using a statement necklace to add instant glam to this office outfit that is otherwise a bit lackluster. 

The Third Piece Rule Applied to Work Outfits ||

I did want to give a mention to the brand that makes this particular necklace I am wearing. It's a Florida based company called Mirina Collections . They make a ton of these beautiful statement necklaces that are unique and obviously glamorous. I was offered a couple of pieces from their "Famous Necklace" collection at a discounted price to try out (about 50%), and in return they had asked me to give them a shout out on Instagram, which I did. In my opinion the retail price for these necklaces is a bit steep for the actual quality of the pieces (even though they claim to hand make all the pieces). But at the discounted price, they were worth every penny. Would you like to see more of how I style these Mirina Collections necklaces? Let me know :) 

Top: Alice and Olivia (similar here)
Necklace: "Jess" by Mirina Collections
Bottom: Top Shop Leigh jeans
Blazer: Top Shop Nicola Peplum Blazer (similar here)

All Photography by Brianna Olsen