15 Best Spy Gear for Kids: Top Detective & Spy Kits Ranked [2020]

Best Spy Gear for Kids

Is your kiddo a Stan of James Bond and love to play spy?

Does he like to watch movies like Mission Impossible to fuel his curiosity towards learning spy skills?

If affirmative, it’s about time you make your kid’s day by gifting him some of the finest spy gear available on the market.

If your son or daughter is more interested in playing spy games, such as I spy, there’s nothing better than offering them a bunch of spy toys/gifts so that they could continue their spying adventure.

Though spy gears are not good for the grown-ups, these spy toys are a great way to boost your kid’s imagination, creative play, role play, among other plusses.

Besides, the spy gear also sparks interest in little kids (boys & girls). That way, kids learn to accept challenges and facing them with confidence.

If you’d like to know what role these spy gears play and how they can help your kid get the best of their creativity, role play, etc., please head over to the “Why” section below.

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Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit


Spy Gear Sigma Mission Spy Kit (Set of 5 Tools)

Spy Gear Sigma Mission Spy Kit (Set of 5 Tools)


Spy Kit for 6-Year-Old Kids & More

Spy Kit for 6-Year-Old Kids & More

Why Spy Gear For Kids?

Why on earth should you consider gifting your kid one of the best spy gears?

Well, that’s an intelligent question!

It’s no wonder that kids, at their young age, are most fascinated about learning new skills—they prefer learning with play. You cannot force them to learn about the country’s history because history is boring and kids don’t like to get bored. That’s why you can them gift something that offers them never-ending fun is worth it.

But, that’s not the only reason why you should do that. The spy gears encourage role play, creative skills, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and a lot more.

If you want a better future for your kid and would like your kid to get the most out of his/her childhood, you certainly don’t want to miss out on these best spy gears that have been designed with the kids’ FUN and entertainment in mind.

Using these spy toys, your kid will be having the upper hands over his friends and achieve great intelligence. And, if your kid gets the best of his playacting, it’s highly likely that he’d perform better in the future. 

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Things to Look for When Buying Spy Gear for Kids

What are the things to keep in mind while shopping for the best spy gear for kids online?

Let’s take a glimpse at those things that matter most:

  1. Age Range

While you make a well-versed decision for your kid’s spy gear, you have to ensure whether or not the toy you’re buying is age-appropriate.

Put different, you have to select the spy gear based on the current age of your kid. You can’t go for a toy that is too complicated or a gift that is too easy.

If the spy gear is not age-appropriate, it will either lead to boredom or your kid will be frustrated with it. That’s why age compatibility is important.

  1. Play

Does the spy gear that you wish to get for your kid encourage pretend play? This is important because kids love pretending whether they’re at school, home, anywhere else.

There are other advantages of pretend play as it promotes:

  • Social Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Emotional Skills

If a toy/gift encourages play, it will lead to the better physical and mental health of your kid. It’ll improve imagination, creativity, and also boost the self-confidence.

Not just that, your kids will learn to cope with the stress, and therefore, they will be happier and be able to express their emotions.

Although you can play many different games to bring the dramatic play to life, why not make use of spy gear to achieve that?

  1. Quality

How’s the quality of spy gear you’ve decided to gift your kid?

The quality should be at least good, if not better, but it mustn’t be poor because that way, it could be harmful to your kid’s health and may cause disease, such as allergy.

Therefore, the rule of thumb says that always look for the spy gear that uses top-notch construction.

  1. Safety

How safe your kid is while playing with the spy gear you gifted on their birthday matters a lot.

You can’t risk your kid’s life or health by investing in a spy gear that is not safe and doesn’t meet the safety standards.

The spy adventure will only be great if your kid is 100% safe playing with the toy you gifted them.

Therefore, always make sure that the spy gear toy brings safety to the table, or else it is not worth your time or attention. 

List of Best Spy Gear for Kids [2020]

Now, let’s shed some light on the best spy gear for kids so that you could come up with a great gift idea for your kid’s birthday.

1. Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

Why kids love it!  

There’s nothing that is missing from this detective toolkit—it includes all the tools your little detective will ever need to conduct crime-based research. Solving crime for kids has never been easier.

This award-winning detective toolkit would give your kid a sense of how forensic works and how he can become the best detective and impress his friends in extraordinary ways. We’ve found this kit to be consisting of a larger number of tools and accessories needed to conduct detective research as compared to other kits we have reviewed in this wide-ranging article.

If your kid has been asking you about the best spy gear lately, look no further because this kit not only helps in developing detective skills but also boosts educational skills—hands down.

Get this kit and see the improvement in your kid in a couple of days. He’ll become a better critical thinker, problem-solver, and solving puzzles and evidence-based games would sound super easy to him and he’ll solve them in next to no time—or before the timer hits zero. Before you hand this over to your kid, you’re suggested to read all the instructions carefully.


  • Award-winning spy/detective kit for kids
  • Includes the highest number of accessories
  • Boosts kid’s intellectual and cognitive skills
  • Encourages role play and enhances spy skills
  • Teaches kids how to solve a case
  • Perfect gift for 6-year-olds to 15-year-olds
  • Reasonably priced considering a variety of tools included


  • Not for kids under 3

2. Spy Kit for 6-Year-Old Kids & More

Spy Kit for 6-Year-Old Kids & More

Why kids love it!  

This Spy Kit unleashes the hidden talent of your kid. This spy kit includes everything that your little kiddo would ever wish for. Your kiddo can even learn how to take fingerprints of someone.

For parents, kids’ health means more than anything. That’s why they do everything to make sure their kids get themselves to participate in activities that entertain them. However, what is also crucial is their cognitive skills that need to be promoted as they grow up.

This spy kit does exactly what it says on the tin—promotes detective role play, nurtures curiosity, and imaginative role play. If your kid is turning 6 this year or if your kiddo is already 6 (no matter if a boy or girl), gifting this spy kit on the 6th birthday is the best thing you can do.

The spy glasses allow your kiddo to see who is standing behind to spy on them, and the UV-pen lets your kid write on the paper secretively so that only he knows what he’s written. Although the invisible-ink pen requires two AA batteries, we believe it won’t be an issue for you.

Be it CIA, FBI, or another secretive service agent, it’s time for your kid to become one using this one-of-its-kind spy kit.


  • Teaches your kids about getting fingerprints
  • Features invisible-pink for secretive writing
  • Perfect for creative and imaginative role play
  • Spy glasses let your kid see behind him
  • Boasts a fingerprint pad to keep track of fingerprints
  • Enhances STEM learning; educational spy kit
  • The package also includes a Fedora hat
  • Comes with an average-sized black coat
  • Ranked at #6 in “Spy Kits” Bestsellers
  • Giftable


  • Requires batteries for pen

3. Outdoor Explorer Kit

Outdoor Explorer Kit

Why kids love it!  

This kit includes almost every tool that your kid needs to let the inspection begin. When your little kiddo is surrounded by this kit, not only will it make them look like a PRO spy but also it will make them feel so realistic.

Whatever accessory you can think of, just name it and there it is—this kid includes every tool that your kids need to take their spy skills to the next level. Whether your kid is fond of playing with binoculars or he loves to spend time with a compass, this kid will have your kid’s back.

This kit will help unleash kids’ creativity and promote bug play, observational, direct, and safety skills. You kid can learn how to catch bugs when it’s necessary. There’s even a flashlight that will brighten up things at night, giving your kid a spy-like feeling.


  • Includes almost all of the tools needed
  • Encourages buy play, pretend play, safety skills
  • Allows your kid to explore nature; includes a binocular
  • Works like a charm at night; features a flashlight
  • Promotes STEM learning; improves cognitive skills
  • Giftable; can be gifted on Christmas, birthdays, events
  • #1 Bestseller in “Detective & Spy Kits” category


  • None

4. Detective Costume for Little Secret Agent

Detective Costume for Little Secret Agent

Why kids love it!  

This detective costume is highly giftable on any event, especially Halloween. It unleashes the inner secret agent of your kiddo and boosts their imaginative skills.

If you wish your kid to solve all the mysteries and find clues the clues before the timer hits zero, you’ve got to make sure that he feels perfect in the outfit he’s wearing. If he’s not comfortable in the clothing he’s wearing, this could divert his mind from research to his outfit, which would defeat the purpose.

That’s why your kiddo must wear this detective kit that consists of 7 pieces, namely gloves, detective pipe, magnifying glass, spectacles, mustache, suspender, and a bow tie. This would make your kiddo look like a PRO detective and we all know that making a good first impression means a lot.


  • Spy kit includes a total of 7 add-ons
  • Makes kids feel a true detective
  • Miffing glass to reveal the hidden clues
  • Fake pipe looks very realistic; rocks kids
  • Mustache makes kids look macho
  • Very cheap; good pricing model
  • Age-appropriate: 3 years and up


  • None to mention

5. Spy Pens for Kids Invisible Ink with Light

Spy Pens for Kids Invisible Ink with Light

Why kids love it!  

These colorful spy pen work on any material—be it paper, arm, or T-shirt. Highly giftable, and only your kids can see what they’ve written—very secretive. Also, offers the bang for bucks!

We always believe in providing you with quality picks, and that’s why this pack of invisible-ink spy pen has been rounded by our reviewing team members because it has ranked #1 position on the list of Bestsellers.

Produced by Maleden, this pack includes a total of 6 pens that is way more useful when it comes to secretive writings on the paper, T-shirts, body (hands, arms, etc.), walls, and other materials following the current situation. The pens are colorful, which makes the spy adventuring full of life, although all pens use the invisible ink of the same color.

Whether you’re planning on throwing a birthday party, or it’s time for you to celebrate Halloween, this set of 6 pens is a great way to make your kid’s day by gifting them. This pack of pens is giftable on birthdays, parties, Halloween, prize ceremonies, others.


  • Simple to use and effective
  • Promotes spy skills
  • Can be gifted on any event/occasion
  • Different fascinating colored spy pens
  • Each pen with the size of an iPhone X
  • Works on paper, body, T-shirt, walls
  • Offers never-ending FUN
  • Giftable on any event


  • None to mention

6. SpyX Micro Spy Gear Kit for Kids

SpyX Micro Spy Gear Kit for Kids

Why kids love it!  

The kit includes highly advanced spy gears as compared to other detective and spy kits available online. This kit offers endless possibilities and never-ending FUN.

If you’re on the lookout for the best spy gear kit for kids, this kit is worth your shot, especially if you’re looking for a state-of-the-art spy kit for your kiddo. This kit includes the gears that have been inspired by the latest technologies.

In this pack, you’re going to get 4 most popular spy gears. The invisible-ink pen will allow your children to write highly secretive information on the paper, hand, etc. The micro-motion alarm will keep you informed if anybody comes near it.

The micro listener will offer your little boy crystal-clear audio from very far away so he can spy on his mates and stay one step ahead in the spy game. Besides, there’s a micro ear light that will light up the room if it is too dark in there.

What’s surprising is that each device is hands-free, leaving no stress on your kiddo’s hands.


  • Features forward-thinking spy gear
  • Includes 4 spy toys for both girls & boys
  • Encourages imaginative role play
  • Works like a charm for kids 3 to 15 years old
  • Features an adjustable belt (keeps tools in place)
  • Completely hands-free; no hassle
  • Motivates creativity, imagination skills
  • Durable; long-lasting spy gear kit for kids


  • Requires batteries

7. Disney Junior Mira Detective Kit for Girls

Disney Junior Mira Detective Kit for Girls

Why kids love it!  

This detective kit helps your daughter develop great role-play skills. The kit includes all the tools she needs to take her spy fun to next level. It includes a pen, magnifying glass, bracelet, comb, spy notebook, and more.

While this kit is FUN and easy to use, it’s only made for girls. Girls who love to watch a spy show named “Mira, Royal Detective” will fall head over heels in love with this spy kit as it has been inspired by the same show. This kit will allow your kiddo to solve mysteries and puzzles and boost their cognitive and imaginative skills.

This detective kit is packed with all the tools that your little princess will ever need. Let her play with the magnifying glasses to look into the images and reveal the hidden clues. This kit also encourages imaginative role-play as it’s been inspired by the most favorite spy show of your daughter—Mira.


  • Encourages role play for your daughter
  • Helps your princess solve puzzles and mysteries
  • Comes with a handbag to store all tools
  • Colorful and easy to hold in hands
  • Extremely giftable; easy to gift on events
  • Top-notch material; lasts longer
  • Girls’ favorite spy toy/gift


  • Only for girls

8. Night Vision Spy Binoculars for Kids

Night Vision Spy Binoculars for Kids

Why kids love it!  

Whether you have a boy or girl, these large and soft binoculars are designed to keep your kid entertained and interested in the spying journey. The best part is its night vision.

These are not regular binoculars—but these have been designed for your kids to keep an eye on someone at night. So, no more missing out on the fun that begins when it gets dark. Give your kid’s adventure a little twist by gifting these night vision binoculars on his birthday or surprise him/her on passing the exam with flying colors.

The flashlight is a lifesaver that lights up when you’re trying to find a clue at night, and the 2x magnification gives your kiddo more versatility. On top of offering never-ending Fun, it also promotes STEM learning. The neck strap not only keeps the binoculars around your neck or shoulders but also gives you freedom when your hands are busy.


  • Extraordinary binoculars; offers night vision
  • Uses large, soft, and flexible eyepiece
  • Features 2x magnification
  • Has a flashlight; looks great
  • Comes with a neck strap with a clasp
  • Promotes STEM learning of your kiddo
  • Batteries are included with the package
  • Perfectly suitable for gifting on events
  • Premium-quality binoculars
  • Value for money, durable, and well-made
  • Use it in daylight or when it’s dark


  • Nothing to mention

9. Project MC2 Spy Gear (Kit) for Kids

Project MC2 Spy Gear (Kit) for Kids

Why kids love it!  

This spy kit helps you kit become a super spy and get the best of their imagination and creativity. This kit even includes a crime-scene tape which is missing in most of the kits.

Unlike other spy kits, this one also covers a crime-scene tape that will instruct the passerby that where your kiddo is conducting research is a restricted area and not to be visited by anyone. Besides that, it also boasts a magnifying glass, invisible-ink pen, fingerprint brush, ink pad, notepad, and other useful accessories for an interesting spy hunt.

The stamp can either be utilized to write down vital clues, notes, and fingerprints. This spy kit will help your kid get the best of their problem-solving techniques. This kit is not only for boys, the girls can also make use of it to unleash their hidden talent and act as if they’re the real CIA or FBA agents.


  • Enhances kids’ problem-solving skills
  • Allows kids to get started with spying
  • Giftable; can be gifted on any occasion
  • Reveals hidden clues via magnifying glass
  • Encourages pretend play & STEM learning
  • Package also includes a crime-scene tape
  • Offers bang for bucks; inexpensive


  • Pen requires batteries

10. Spy School Sneaky Surveillance

Spy School Sneaky Surveillance

Why kids love it!  

This kit is filled with 20 fun spy-ence missions to enrich your kid’s knowledge towards spying (i.e. if he loves to have a spy hunt). Includes 11+ amazing sneaky pieces—a mission for kids should they choose to accept it.

Now, seeing tiny and distant objects with a spy kit like this has never been easier—this sneaky spy kit is packed with a 2-in-1 scope that allows you to do that. Not just that, you can actually get the most out of the microphone that is hidden inside and looks like a yo-yo! The cover of the notebook allows your kit to disguise and go undercover.

Gift this kit to your kid and allow them to reveal the top-secret information using the spy scope. The pencil box can be used by the kids to keep an eye on their siblings. Most importantly, it improves STEM learning and boosts your kid’s cognitive skills to a great extent, hands down.

Only looking for rear-view sunglasses? Go for these ones.


  • A perfect guide to tournament reveals a lot more
  • Contains 20 fun-filled missions for your kiddo
  • Teachers fingerprint detection, reverse reading
  • Mic is hidden in a toy looking like a yo-yo!
  • A deceptive pencil box is a periscope for sneaking
  • One-of-a-kind ethical espionage
  • Rear-view glasses to see the person behind
  • Yo-yo disguised Earbuds to listen to chats


  • Requires batteries

11. Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR

Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR

Why kids love it!  

This is the most advanced spy car that will allow your kid to master the art of spying by watching colorful live footage and recording videos through the built-in camera.

This is the most intelligent spy RC car you’d have ever seen in the “Spy Gear” category while hunting for the best spy gear for kids (whether a 4-year-old kid or 10-year-old kid). This tracking car can be remotely controlled from a far distance and it transmits a crystal-clear video directly to you along with the superb quality audio.

This remote-controlled vehicle works via a built-in app that incorporates night vision, path mapper, and cyborg vision. The car uses wireless technology, so there’s no need to struggle with those cords around you while controlling it. If you would like to take your spying to next level, you can get the best of the preloaded apps and be familiar with more functionality.

The videos can also be recorded for evidence using a memory card (sold separately) so you could show people that this is what you caught on camera. The USB cable can be made use of to uploaded videos on the cloud and to download apps. The app works like a charm with iOS, Windows, and Linux.


  • Most intelligent car for spying
  • Streams colorful video and clear audio
  • Comes with built-in apps for night vision and others
  • Videos can be recorded and uploaded easily
  • Offers ease of assembly and use
  • Durable and fun to use for kids
  • Now, watch the live video via a remote


  • Requires batteries

12. Spy Gear, Mission Alpha Set

Spy Gear, Mission Alpha Set

Why kids love it!  

This amazing set helps kids achieve their mission as it features everything they need—a tactical mirror, spy pen, motion alarm, night goggles, etc.

Your kid’s mission, should he/she chooses to accept it, is to find the hidden object at night using night goggles that one of the siblings has put out of sight in the room. No wonder it’s going to be FUN for kids to play with this kit. This alpha set will make the fans of Ethan Hunt and Jason Bourne the happiest people on earth.

The best accessory in the kit is the glasses that allow the kids to find the hidden objects in the dark as the goggles boast a built-in LED along with a zoom lens to take a closer look at the objects. The spy pent allows the kiddo to write top secrets in the personal notebook and record audio that can be used later as evidence.


  • Allows kids to find concealed secrets at night
  • The bundle includes 4 incredible tools
  • Top-notch material and design
  • Mission can be accomplished in the dark
  • Motion alarm to see if someone is getting close
  • Spy pen to record audio to use as an evidence


  • Requires batteries

13. Spy Gear Sigma Mission Spy Kit (Set of 5 Tools)

Spy Gear Sigma Mission Spy Kit (Set of 5 Tools)

Why kids love it!  

This spy kit works like charm for both little and young kids because older kids may find other kits boring, but this one will make their day for sure. This kit embraces revolutionary spy kits.

This spy kit is a combination of all of the forward-looking spy gears that you will ever see. That’s the reason why it’s a little bit expensive—but it’s totally worth your attention because there are gears that cost you more than this as a single product. The package includes a pair of revolutionary walkie-talkies. If you’re looking forward to watching over someone at night i.e. when it’s getting dark, it’d be a piece of cake for you, thanks to the Night Scope included in the set.

Also, disguising someone by using the voice changer is a piece of cake for kids. Yes, you read it right—your kiddo can now sound like an alien, spy, man, chipmunk, ghost, and more using the voice changer (there are 8 voices that can be achieved). There’s even a motion detector that will let you know if someone is near you or trying you sneak up on you from behind—you just have to find the right spot to place the motion detector.


  • Includes futuristic spy gear for little and young kids
  • Offers a next-level spy experience
  • Voice changer has 8 different voices
  • Allows kids to detect motion using the detector
  • Designed to last longer; exceeds kids’ needs
  • Premium-quality and giftable spy kits


  • A little expensive

14. Spy Code Safe Breaker (for Kids)

Spy Code Safe Breaker (for Kids 5 Years & Up)

Why kids love it!  

This game is a multiplayer game, meaning two players can play at the same with and have fun with it. It’s listed as “Amazon’s Choice” which depicts that it’s a highly-rated and well-priced spy kit.

It’s no wonder that spy movies have lots of bank robberies, NYSM, for example. That’s how kids get inspired by them and crave for doing the same—but only for FUN because we’ve already taught them that doing so, in reality, would be a bad thing. This spy code safe breaker is one of those spy gears that you could give on your kid’s birthday and make them happy.

Make use of the earpiece and try to find the clues with an intention to open the crack the code and open the safe. Upon opening the safe, your kids will be getting coins and as a reward. So, if you want your kid to get the best of their spy skills, this safe breaker would be a great choice. Although it’s been advertised that it’s recommended for kids who are 6 years old or more, reviews suggest that even a 5-year-old kid can play with it with no harm whatsoever.


  • Boosts kids’ brainstorming skills effectively
  • Encourages creative and imaginative role-play
  • Helps get the best of critical thinking
  • Makes your kiddo a problem solver—troubleshooter
  • Reasonably priced; cheap


  • Uses batteries

15. Kidwinz Kid’s Binoculars

Kidwinz Kid’s Binoculars

Why kids love it!  

No wonder these binoculars inspire kids’ creativity, these binoculars are a great tool for stargazing, hunting, learning, etc. And, more than 1000 verified users are satisfied.

Although these binoculars don’t include a magnifying glass and a compass, like this one, it’s still a top-notch product that will bring a smile to your kid’s face.

In addition to offering a secret agent like adventure, it will keep kid’s eyes safe as it uses earpieces that have been surrounded by soft rubber. What’s more, there’s no fear of falling it on the ground or getting a shock while using it as these are both childproof and shockproof binoculars.

Unlike other binoculars, your kid will get to have a crystal clear image, thanks to the first-class BAK4 prism that has been used in this piece. Whether your little kiddo would like to perform a little spying in the house or he’d love to watch over someone outside, these binoculars can be used anywhere at any time.

Didn’t find it interesting? Consider this one.


  • Offers versatility; up to 8x magnification
  • Uses BAK4 prism for sharp images
  • Uses soft rubber construction; safe
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Shockproof; keeps kids out of harm’s way
  • Childproof; no fear of tipping over
  • Promotes role-play, creativity, imagination skills
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth, and carrying case
  • Features foldable design


  • Nothing to say

Wrapping Up "Spy Gear for Kids"!

Gifting your kid spy gears is a great way to boost the imaginative role-play. That's because your kid is no longer is a 1-year-old baby that needs to be treated with special care. Now, your kid needs to be educated while playing so they never miss out on the childhood FUN. All of the spy gears for kids that we have listed above offer great educational benefits, improve intellectual skills, and boost confidence, making sure a bright and rich future of the kid.

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Get One Before It's Too Late!

If you don't want to miss out on these premium Spy Gear for Kids, it's about time you grabbed one of these before it is too late and give your kid an opportunity to unleash the hidden James Bond.