Notification of Copyright Infringement Under DMCA

All Trademarks and Registered Trademarks as well as Product Names, Company Names, or Logos appearing on the Site are the property their respective owners. responds to notices that violate the DMCA or other applicable laws. We may also remove or disable access for material controlled or operated We will attempt to reach the developer responsible for the material in question so that they can counter-notify, as per The DMCA.

Before you serve a Notice or Counter-Notification, a lawyer can help you understand your rights and obligations under DMCA and other applicable laws. These Notice Requirements will comply with’s rights and obligations under Section 512(C) of the DMCA. These notice requirements do not constitute legal advice.

Copyright Infringement Notice

Please provide the following information to in order to file a Notice Of Infringing Materials

A developer or team of developers authorized to act for the owner of an exclusive right that is being violated. To address copyrights issues, third-party agencies will need to have a copy of the “Physical Authorization Letter”. Identification of Copyrighted works claimed to be infringed. A representative list is required if multiple Copyrighted works are included in a single notification.

This is the fastest way to locate content quickly.

Information that is reasonably sufficient for the service provider to reach the complainant party. This includes an address, telephone number, and, if possible, an email address where the complainant can be reached.

A declaration that the complaining party believes that the copyright owner, its agent, or The law has not authorized the use.

A declaration that the information contained in the notification is correct and, under penalty of perjury that the complaining party has the authority to act for an exclusive rights owner being infringed. Note: Under Section 512(F), anyone who knowingly or materially misrepresents the material or activity is infringing could be subject to damages.

Within 2 to 6 business days, we will reply to your email.