Graco Wayz Car Seat Review: Everything You Need to Know

Graco Wayz Car Seat Review

We know where you’re coming from, and we get it—it gets frustrating when you see thousands of car seats for kids on the market and their brands claiming to be the best-in-the-industry.

Some brands make car seats for grownups, while others make for toddlers only. This out-of-this-world car seat, on the other hand, brings unlimited safety possibilities for people of different ages—from toddler to youth, hence the name—3-in-1.

Graco Wayz

Out of all cat seats that are available on the market in this day and age, we’ve decided to contribute a personal comment on this “Graco Wayz” car seat with an intention to let you know whether or not you should make up your mind for it.

But before we begin, let us tell you a story…

When Karmen, who lives in NC, didn’t have any idea that he’d be raving about this car seat. He had a car accident—a drunk driver hit their car. What’s surprising is that her little daughter was also with him in the car, luckily she was sitting in a 3-in-1 harness booster car seat. Although their car was flipped, the Harness Booster (one from Tranzitions) turned out to be a lifesaver for her little daughter as she was sitting in it.

Graco Wayz — The Only Car Seat You NEED!

Graco Wayz 3-in-1 Car Seat Review

Why we love it!  

It boasts 5-point harness, along with high back, and backless boosters.Being a gender-neutral car seat, it is comfortable and safe for both boys and girls. You can machine-wash it when you it it's got some dirt on it. The harness system allows the height to be adjusted in 8 positions.

As a result, whether you’re planning a trip to your favorite place or you made a promise to your little daughter to go watch a movie, getting your hands on this car seat is a must.

Who knows? Maybe this Graco Wayz 3-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat, in a very similar way to what Karmen experienced, might be a godsend for your little kid one day.

Installing this lightweight would be a piece of cake for you, and insofar the safe of your baby matters, this Graco Wayz makes it up to the mark—hands down.

It’s a picture-perfect car seat for kids that fit in most of the cars. So, whether you’re planning on installing it in the Civic Coupe or you own another car, you’ll be good to go.


  • 3-in-1 harness booster car seat
  • Offers bang for bucks; inexpensive
  • Uses forward-facing harness
  • Lightweight; weighs comparatively lesser
  • Portable; easy to carry
  • 8-position adjustable headrest
  • Open-loop for proper positioning
  • Machine-washable; can be washed using machine
  • Meets/exceeds safety standards
  • Suitable for kids of different age
  • Durable; lasts years


  • Requires assembly

Graco Wayz 3-in-1 Car Seat: An In-depth Review

To offer you the satisfaction you crave, we’ll be going over one-of-a-kind features of this 3-in-1 car seat. This will teach you well about what this car seat brings to the table for the safety of your little girl or boy.

Does this Car Seat offer great Design?

Ultimate Craftsmanship

Does this car bring ultimate craftsmanship to the table, or is it just one of those old-fashioned, poor-quality car seats?

Well, red-and-black is in fashion these days!

The design of this car seat has been engineered to the next level by the company. Although it is available in many colors, our favorite one is Red-and-Black.

It’s capable of blending into any décor, and the great news is that it is gender-neutral—meaning, whether you’d love it buy this for your cute, little kid or daughter, it’d be a perfect car seat for both of them.

The overall build quality of this Graco Wayz car seat is pretty good, and you won’t regret it!

How is it a 3-in-1 Car Seat?

3 Seats in One

Which harness system does this car seat use?

This is the first question that pops into the head when you hunt for an ideal car seat for your child.Now, the reason why it’s called three-in-one is that it can be converted from harness to high or backless booster seamlessly.

Take a look at the illustration below to get your head around the weight and height limitations:

Weight and Height Limitations

Consequently, you can rest assured because your kids will be completely out of harm’s way as they grow up.

This also makes it super easy for you to achieve more control as far as adjusting the heights of your harness headrest is taken into account. It can be accomplished in 5 positions.

It doesn’t matter if your kid is 2 years old or 6 years old, this car seat will be fit them like a dream. Therefore, if you’re getting it for a 3-year-old kid, you won’t have to exchange it with another model as your kid grows up—this seat will fit your kid perfectly for years.

Will it keep the Kid Safe?

Safety Tested

Well, it offers you the peace of mind in that area.

How so?

It boasts a built-in 5-point harness system that easily gets the upper hands on its predecessors like 3-point system.

Not just that, Graco has made sure that it stays the same in the long run.

This car seat, with the side impact in mind, has been tested by the industry-level PRO experts. Speaking of the standard, you will get 2x with this one. It exceeds US standards—FMVSS 213.

The moment your kid sits in it, she/he will start to float on cloud seven.

Is Graco Wayz Car Seat Comfortable?

Is it comfy to offer you a never-had-before, enjoyable, and relaxing experience?

This is important, especially for kids as they tend to be more persistent about their comfort. And, guess what! It’s your responsibility to give them the same.

Anyway, in addition to bringing safety to life, it also houses cup holders that your kids can use to place their drinks.

If you believe that these cup holders are just a waste of time, you could easily remove them.

The harness covers, body support, and seat pad can effortlessly be machine-washed and that’s why super easy to clean.

If you choose to go with the high back booster mode, the vehicle seat can be properly be positioned using the open-loop belt.

Is this a lightweight Car Seat?

Lightweight for Portability

What about the Weight?

Is it lightweight for you to take it from one place to another?

You’ve to understand that if a car seat is very heavy, you will have a hard time carrying or porting it. That’s why a car seat is an ideal choice if it light in weight.

The concept of lightweight makes sense, but what is there to discuss portability?

Well, portability also matters because you won’t be going out in the car with your kid, and that’s why placing this kid’s car seat in the car would be redundant.

That’s not it—you could use the same car seat in between multiple cars as well.

The overall weight of the assembled product is around 18.06 lbs, which is as good as it could get, in comparison with other models. It’s not only for boys, but girls can also sit in it happily.

Are customers satisfied with this?

Customer satisfaction is what matters most!

If verified customers are not content with this car seat, it may be because their needs were not fulfilled, or simply, they were not provided with what they were promised.

However, that’s NOT the case here.


Got 4.5 out of 5 ratings.

Received 4.6 out of 5 ratings.

This depicts that users are very happy with their purchase.

Is this Car Seat Giftable?

Before you make up your mind to gift this to your beloved one, make sure that they have a car, or else it will be of NO use.

Most importantly, are you planning on celebrating your kid’s birthday? If so, we’ve curated some of the finest toys and gifts for your little princess or brave soldier below:

If it has been just a few months since your baby was born and if you’re struggling through, you could also consider having one of these split-screen baby monitors to keep an eye on him/her.



According to SafeKids, three-quarters of the overall kids' car seats are incorrectly installed. That means, either the seats are installed loosely, or maybe the seat has NOT been angled as it should be.

If the seat or the harness is loosely installed, it could lead to the child flying forward in an accident which is not a good thing.

As per the guidelines directed by NHTSA, it is recommended that the kids should be in car/booster seats until the age of 12.

Graco Wayz: Summing Up

We all know the importance of seat belts. But for kids, there is nothing quite like a “Kid’s Car Seat” — a car seat that has been designed specifically for kids. It’s no wonder that a car seat, just this Graco Wayz, offers great comfort and liveliness to kids. Kids can fall asleep in the seat as if they’re sleeping on a bed. So, if you want your kid to enjoy his/her childhood to the fullest, this Graco Wayz 3-in-1 car seat is totally worth it.

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