8 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors for Twins with 2 Cameras [2020]

Best Split Screen Baby Monitors

Looking for the best-in-the-market 2-camera baby monitors that boast split-screen viewing? If affirmative, you’ve come to the right place—a place where your request will never go unnoticed.

It’s a heaven-sent blessing when a baby is born. It’s everyone’s dream come true as babies always make bring a smile to your face and give you immense pleasure every time you look at them. If it’s about having twins, it just makes the parent, especially mom, feel the happiest person on the planet, as they say, twinning is winning.

It’s always a blessing from above if you’re having a baby or twins. However, with twins, your responsibility becomes more. You’re more responsible for taking care of babies, making sure their needs are fulfilled at all times. The babies need to be fed right on time so that they prosper in life and could be healthy.


Babysense 5" HD Baby Video & Audio Monitor

Babysense 5" HD Baby Video & Audio Monitor


Motorola 5” Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor (2 Wide-Angle Cams)

Motorola 5” Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor (2 Wide-Angle Cams)


AXVUE’s Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor

AXVUE’s Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor

What’s a Split Screen Baby Monitor?

We don’t think we need to explain what a monitor is or how it works, do we? But if you don’t know, that’s okay. A monitor is a device that you can use to keep an eye on your baby so as to track his/her activity.

As for the slip-screen functionality, it’s featured in a monitor that has two cameras. It’s basically used by those parents who’re having twins or two babies. A split-screen baby monitor allows you to keep track of what the twins are doing at the same time on the display.

So as you’ve got make sure that the monitor must feature two cameras if you’re getting it for twins. If you only have a single baby, it is okay to go with a monitor that only boasts a single camera.

If you’d like to know about the dual audio feature in split-screen monitors for babies, please read this article till the end.

Why Buy a Split Screen Baby Monitor?

In spite of doing all the things you’re meant to do as a parent (specifically as a mom), you most often need to finish your work like cleaning the room, cooking food for the family, washing clothes, vacuuming, feeding pets, among other household duties like cleaning bathroom, etc.

That’s why you can’t always hold your baby (or babies in case of twins).

So, what to do that in that case?

How can you make sure that your babies are sleeping or not doing anything that they shouldn’t while you’re busy doing your work?

Well, it’s about time you paid for one of the best split screen baby monitors available on the market, and since you’re having two beautiful babies (i.e. twins).

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Best Split Screen Baby Monitors: Dos & Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Before we begin reviewing the best split-screen baby monitors for your baby or twins, it’s extremely vital to first lay out some dos and don’ts or the things that you must pay close attention to while looking for the two-camera monitors for.

Here are the things to look for:


Distance means how far you can take the monitor from the cameras that you’ve mounted around somewhere where the baby is sleeping. This is important to make sure the network doesn’t disconnect. Make sure the monitor is having more than 800-feet range.

Split Screen

Split-screen, being the main attraction of this article, means a lot more than you could imagine. It allows you to look at both the babies at the same time on the display. It’s very similar to using split-screen multitasking on modern smartphones.

Battery Life

How long can you use your monitor on a single charge also makes a huge difference as you don’t want to put your monitor system on charging all the time. So, ensure that that monitor is capable of lasting around 2-3 hours.


The term quality covers many aspects here; from audio to video, everything is important. Apart from getting crystal-clear visuals on the monitor, it’s also important that audio quality is superb as long as the monitor is operating because you won’t always be looking at the monitor display.


It’s evident that a split-view monitor will feature at least two-camera functionality, there’s something else that requires moms’ attention. Yes, we’re referring to as “Dual Audio”. It means whether or not the monitor is delivering audio stream from both of the cameras at the same time, as if you’re having a video conference with your babies.


There’s a lot that goes on in the “Features” as the technology has changed the lifestyle of the people. There are features that you need to make sure your monitor has, such as it should have night vision, pan, tilt without having a direct interaction with the cameras. The setup would do wonders if it also has a baby movement monitor.

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List of Split-Screen Baby Monitors with 2 Cameras

Anyway, let’s shed light on the list of best split-screen baby monitors to offer you the satisfaction so you could make an intelligent decision in the end:

1. Babysense 5" HD Baby Video & Audio Monitor

Babysense 5" HD Baby Video & Audio Monitor

Why we love it!  

This video monitor is packed with every feature you'd ever need to watch over your cute, little baby. From a bigger HD display to amazing audio quality, it has got everything.

Now, although this baby monitor has also been developed by the same brand we just reviewed above i.e. Babysense, there have been some advancements in this monitor. Gone are the days when only watching your kid used to be a thing, with state-of-the-art technology, now you can also hear, and even talk to your baby while you’re on the go while vacuuming.

If you’re on the lookout for the best split-screen baby monitor with two cameras, look no further—this 5" video monitor is the ultimate choice as it brings loads of versatility to the table—hands down with this one.

Featuring a 5-inch big display, it’s capable of delivering high-quality (HD) 720p video with amazing audio. Not just that, you can also pan and tilt up to 350° and 70° respectively. There’s no way any hacker can hack into your monitor system as all security measures have been into account while developing.

Although the monitor comes packed with two cameras, if you’d like to extend the no. of cameras, you can also do that—it supports up to 4 cameras. In addition, it features double-zoom control which performs like clockwork as far as both monitor and cameras are within 960ft range.


  • Works like clockwork within 960ft range
  • Delivers up to 720 HD-quality video
  • Has 5” LCD display for better viewing
  • Can connect up to 4 cameras altogether
  • Plays lullabies and songs for better sleep
  • Zoom, pan, tilt—all controlled remotely
  • Easy to set up; install in seconds
  • Automatic infrared night vision at night
  • Alerts about low and high temperatures
  • Extremely portable; mounts anywhere
  • Offers up to 15% off at the final checkout


  • None to mention

2. Babysense 4.3” Split-screen Video + Movement Monitor

Babysense 4.3” Split-screen Video + Movement Monitor

Why we love it!  

It’s a 2-in-1 monitor that not only allows you to keep an eye on the baby using a video monitor but the movement monitor also helps in keeping track of any movement that your baby makes (which mostly happens when the baby is awake).

Get your hands on the one-of-its-kind professional setup of a baby video monitor that just changes the game of parenting. Not only can you keep tabs on the baby using the video monitor but also monitor the movement of your little princess or soldier using the movement monitor that offers full-bed coverage.

Keeping track of twins’ movement on the same display at the same time has never been easier, thanks to the split-screen feature. The video monitor is equipped with is the cutting-edge 2.4GHz FHSS technology.

The 2-way talkback allows you to sing songs to your little baby when he is not having a hard time sleeping. If you can’t sing songs due to some reasons (if you’re sick), the built-in lullabies will have you back.

Keeping an eye on the baby from a far distance is imaginable because the range is 960 feet which is more than enough. Plus, the camera boasts 2x digital zoom, and you can make use of pan and tilt functions, all done remotely—a plus point.


  • Boasts 960 feet ultra-long distance
  • Uses 2x digital zoom, tilt (90°), pan (360°)
  • Features split-screen functionality
  • 3” high-quality split-screen display
  • Tracks baby’s movement
  • Offers hack-free connection
  • Sings lullabies to your baby
  • Makes 2-way chat possible
  • 90-day money-back guarantee, plus 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • A little expensive

3. Moonybaby Split-Screen 4.3” Video/Baby Monitor (Great Battery Life)

Moonybaby Split-Screen 4.3-inch Video Baby Monitor

Why we love it!  

Although the features are mostly the same as discussed in aforesaid picks, what makes this monitor stand out from the crowd is the battery performance which you won’t easily find in any other monitor.

This split-screen monitor is capable of doing a lot more than what you can imagine. Packed with the non-Wi-Fi feature, it doesn’t require you to connect to any wireless connection because the cameras, as well as the monitor, come paired from the company.

This monitor makes use of a 4.3” display that will clearly display whether your baby has fallen asleep or the monitor needs to do some rock-a-byeing. A total of 5 melodious lullabies have been inserted in this monitor so that your baby could go to sleep quietly.

This monitor has all the camera features you might ever need for taking care of your little baby girl/boy, such as panning, tilting, zooming in/out—there’s no need to worry about getting a perfect angle no matter where you have put your baby to sleep. Except for these features, it also has a scan and a power-saving mode.

It utilizes a 2.4 GHz RF technology that secures your connection, and since it doesn’t require you to connect to the Internet, it’s highly unlikely that it will be hacked by a hacker who’s trying to hide behind bushes.

As the two of the above-reviewed monitors, two-way communication is also possible in this one. If your little baby loves people talking to him in a gentle way, this feature could be a lifesaver for you as you can talk to your kid at any time you want. You can also sing some pretty songs to your baby.


  • Split-screen display (great for twins/two kids)
  • 3” larger display to cover more details
  • Uses 2.4Ghz anti-interference technology
  • Comes with an extra 170° wide-angle lens
  • Also features a 2-way talk system
  • Auto night vision & power saver mode
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom—everything is possible
  • Keeps you informed on room temperature
  • Longer battery life; exceeds expectations


  • Only supports max. two cameras

4. Motorola 5” Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor (2 Wide-Angle Cams)

Motorola 5” Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor (2 Wide-Angle Cams)

Why we love it!  

The reason why we love it is that it features a huge 5” display that covers more details of what is around your baby, in addition to covering your baby. To achieve that, it also has 2 wide-angle lenses.

Would you like to purchase a split-screen monitor from the same company that made the smartphone you use i.e. Motorola?

Yes, this split-screen baby monitor has been designed by the most renowned brand, Motorola. As its purpose is to deliver two screens to your monitor at the same time, there’re two cameras that come with this package. Whether you need to zoom in to have a closer look at your baby’s face or you wish to tilt or perform a pan, you can do it all using the remote. It’s like having a bird’s eye view in the room.

The display quality is beyond explanation. It uses a huge 5-inch LCD display that offers more details on the screen. Plus, 2-way communication makes it even more feature-rich. Talk to your little baby or rock-a-bye her any time you wish, it’s all conceivable. Making sure if your baby is sleeping well at night could be daunting unless, of course, the monitor has an infrared night vision feature. And, yes, it has got that for you!

Very high-sensitivity microphones have been attached to this monitor so that you could hear even the smallest sound through built-in speakers.


  • Boasts a 5” huge LDC color display
  • Brings remote controlling to the table
  • Informs about current room temperature
  • Makes 2-way communication possible
  • Uses high-sensitivity microphones
  • Allows to keep an eye on kids at night
  • Sings lullabies to your little baby
  • Zoom, pan, tilt; oversees the entire room
  • Also features a dual-audio system


  • None to mention

5. AXVUE’s Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor

AXVUE’s Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor

Why we love it!  

The reason why we love it is that the range is more than all of the above-reviewed models. Yes, it is 1000ft and it, like the rest of the models, doesn’t require any Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

This one will exceed your expectations as it boasts a not only has a 5-inch big display but also supports a 1000ft range which is hard to come by. The battery life of this monitor is ridiculous—it can continuously run video streaming for up to 12 hours. Sound pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Using this monitor, you’ll be able to get the most out of real-time monitoring simultaneously. Although most of the modern monitors bring the split-screen feature to life, what’s missing from them is the dual-audio capability at the same time. However, that’s not you will struggle through in this one as it plays audio from both channels concurrently. So, there’s no toggling back and forth. Choose the “Split-screen” view and get back to whatever you were doing.

It doesn’t require any wireless or wired connection to work—the cameras and monitors come paired.

There’s another amazing feature called “VOX” which has been defined in terms of sensitivity: low, medium, and high. You can choose whichever sensitivity option you would like, but by default, the medium is set.

Unlike other monitors, this one also lets you keep track of your child’s movement so you could always know that your baby is right where you left him. To see what other features this monitor boasts, please head over to “Pros” and “Cons” below.


  • Huge 5” IPS-LCD display that displays more
  • Split-screen display, dual-audio system
  • Delivers amazing 720p HD-quality video
  • Supports 1000ft long-range
  • Amazing battery life; up to 12 hours
  • Offers temperature detection
  • 2-way communication, anti-hack
  • Also features VOX mode; adjustable sensitivity
  • Out-of-this-world movement detection
  • Can pan & zoom in up to 6x
  • Reasonably priced; offers the bang for bucks


  • Not that we know of

6. HeimVision 4.3” Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor

HeimVision 4.3” Split-Screen Video/Baby Monitor

Why we love it!

From split-screen, 2-way talk, night vision, to temperature, it is packed with everything that a mom needs to get going. Its powerful battery is going to amaze you.

With the increased use of AI, the VOX mode, in video monitors, is becoming a game-changer in this day and age. If there’s any unusual activity in the baby’s room, the VOX mode will inform you about that so you could peek to see if the child is still sleeping or not.

The process of putting together is super easy and most importantly, it has a split-screen functionality which makes it a go-to device for those parents who are having twins or two kids to look after. Speaking of the pairing, the cameras are already paired with the console so that you don’t have to do anything.

The range of this monitor is 820ft which should be long enough for you to keep an eye on your baby from another room or kitchen while you’re cooking something special.

It uses a very powerful 1300mAh rechargeable battery that will offer you continuous overseeing on your baby’s little actions. The only problem with this is that it’s only packed with a single camera and to make split-screen work, you will also need to go for an additional compatible camera.

Just like this one, one from TENKER also comes with a single camera and can be extended up to 4 cameras. However, this one has more features and ultimate workmanship. 


  • Split-screen functionality with audio
  • Brings great battery life to the table
  • Out-of-this-world craftsmanship
  • Works like clockwork within an 820ft range
  • Two-way communication made it easier
  • Alarm/clock for setting up a feeding schedule
  • Modern VOX feature for peace of mind
  • Infrared vision to watch over at night
  • Super easy to assemble; hassle-free
  • Sings lullabies to rock-a-bye babies
  • Coupon to offer an extra 10% on the checkout


  • Only comes with a single camera
  • Requires you to buy this camera for split-screen to work

7. JouSecu 4.3 Inches LCD Split Screen Baby Monitor

JouSecu 4.3 Inches LCD Split Screen Baby Monitor

Why we love it!  

How this unique infant’s monitor stands out from the crowd is that it boats a large range of 1000ft which will cover all parts of your house. So, whether your baby is in the bedroom or in the drawing-room, you’ll be able to watch him closely with no trouble.

Keeping an eye on twins, or kids, at the same time has been a daunting experience unless this split-screen baby monitor from JouSecu, which boasts an amazing 1440mAh rechargeable battery, came into existence. Whether it’s summer or winter, this two-camera child monitor will offer you the ultimate peace of mind, courtesy of temperature informer.

Again, the VOX feature is a lifesaver as it informs you about the current status i.e. what your little princess or soldier is up to if he/she is sleeping or crying. The data transmission range has been extended in this model—it stays connected up to 1000ft over a more secure and never-ending 2.4GHz FHSS technology. So, the connection is more stable and out of hacker’s reach.

On top of providing with a split-view feature, it also makes volume control possible so that voice doesn’t scare any recipient. Although you could always get the most out of lullabies that this monitor can sing to your child, if you’d love to rock-a-bye your baby by yourself, the two-way talkback would have your back. It also has a VOX mode to make sure that your child is having a good sleep.


  • Supports a range of up to 1000ft to cover a large area
  • Allows you to watch over twins simultaneously
  • Mom can baby can talk with each other
  • Alerts you about the high and low temperature
  • The monitor can rock-a-bye kid via lullabies
  • VOX ensures if the baby is sleeping tight
  • Keeps you safe from hacker’s attack
  • Multifunctional; includes other great options like 2-way audio, night mode, sound level, volume adjustment, etc.


  • Nothing noticeable

8. BattleWhale 5" LCD, Split-screen Baby Monitor

BattleWhale 5" LCD, Split-screen Baby Monitor

Why we love it!  

The display is bigger, brings split-viewing experience to life, supports pan, tilt, zoom, it brings more to the table than meets the eye.

Need to bank upon a split-screen baby monitor that houses the capability of delivering uninterrupted video-with-audio steam at the same time? This console might be good for you, and if you’re lucky, you could also get 20% off on the purchase.

Although it still features most of the modern features, namely 2-way audio, 1000ft transmission range (up to 5 Cams), the users seem to disagree with it as they haven’t reviewed this monitor as “up to the mark”, not unlike other monitors that we have laid out above.

While it’s clear that it supports a split-screen view, what we found out is that the video/picture quality is not as good as it gets. So, you may have a hard time trying to get your head around what’s going on on the monitor screen.

We can’t go on complaining about this product, in particular since it also has a lot of good things to offer—like night vision and room temperature monitor that will ensure that it’s not too HOT or COLD in the room for your cute little baby.

Take a look at this video what it looks like when you switch from normal mode to night vision mode.


  • Covers up to 1000ft area of your house
  • Features PLT cameras for versatility
  • Supports split-screen view (up to 4 Cams)
  • Also incorporates VOX and motion detection
  • Ensure that temperature is ideal for baby
  • Equipped with a powerful 1800mAh rechargeable battery


  • Some verified customers are not satisfied

2-Camera Monitor vs. Split-Screen Monitor

Now, most of the articles that you read online include or use these terms interchangeably because they think that both imply the same thing, but the truth is that they don't!

A 2-camera monitor is simply a console which allows live video stream of your baby using two cameras that you have set up in different rooms or places. To go from one view to another, you’d need to switch between the same.

In a split-screen monitor/console, you can watch over your little babies or twins on the screen at the same time. In this type of console, you don’t have to switch between the cameras as the display will show you the streaming from both the cameras.

So, every split-screen monitor will be at least a 2-camera monitor, but not every 2-camera baby monitor is a split-screen monitor. Also, in a split-screen monitor, moms don’t need to interact with the console to check on the babies again and again.

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Best Brands for Split Screen Baby Monitors

So, what are the best brands that you can trust as far as investing in a one-of-a-kind, reasonably priced, and feature-rich split-screen baby monitor is considered?

It’s extremely vital that you get your head around the existence of a brand you’re getting a baby monitor from. How long they have been in the business will depict how much they know about or how much hands-on experience they hold.

So, let’s go over some of the best, most renowned brands that make a great baby monitor for your cute baby.



The company came into existence in 1991 and it’s been creating feature-rich, contemporary, top-notch products for the ultimate care of the little babies. Since it’s been a long time doing what they love, it’s highly likely you’re going to get a good monitor from them.


This eminent brand was initiated by a team of PRO experts in 2012, therefore, it’s going to be 10 years very soon. Their products, especially the baby monitors, are great in quality, last longer, and are good for the safety of your little baby.



Who doesn’t know about Motorola? It’s because the first hand-held phone was developed by this company in 1973. Anyway, the brand was founded in 1928 which is a very long time. That’s why it’s clear that you won’t regret any video monitor you get from them.



The brand AXVUE is known for having specialization in baby monitor production. According to the verified customers of Amazon who purchased products from them, a 91% positive rate has been seen in the overall reviews that people left on the site. They’re having a variety of split-screen monitors for you twins or babies.

Wrapping Up

Keeping an eye on your babies especially twins while you’re busy some work at home could be a bane of your existence because you have to watch over both babies at the same time. That’s where these best split screen baby monitors come pretty handy, allowing you to keep tabs on both of the kids concurrently—with 2 cameras and dual audio capabilities. Every single monitor reviewed above has a split-screen which makes your experience a whole lot more smooth.