Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This document outlines the acceptable use of Mycubiclechic.com Web Site, its Associated Web Services and Server Infrastructure. This document covers our Content Moderation Policy as well as what you can expect in terms of performance and availability.

We will be happy to answer any questions about the legality and content of this website.


This website is designed to be accessed using standard web browser software, such as those found in our Compatible Browsers section. You can also access similar products by direct interaction with a human. Except for public RSS feeds in XML format that are publicly available, the Web site is not intended to be accessed through automated means like scripts or bots.

You should be aware that automated access to this site may cause your access to be blocked, terminated or delayed temporarily or permanently. This is especially true if you try to download large files at once. This is to ensure that the site’s users have a pleasant experience.

It is important to be aware of the potential consequences for site performance if automated access is made via scripts, bots, or other similar means. This could lead to significant additional costs for operators and not enough revenue to pay those costs. Even minor violations can have a serious negative impact when they are combined with similar actions taken by other users. To ensure that the web site remains a free resource for the world, we ask you to respect these guidelines. We prefer to make use of our financial and human resources to expand and improve the content and features of this website. We appreciate your cooperation.


Direct hyperlinking to large files or images hosted on Mycubiclechic.com without our permission is strictly forbidden. You can however link to individual HTML- or XML-based web pages. However, direct linking to our preview images is allowed but not guaranteed.

Except for public RSS feeds in XML format that are publicly accessible, files and services not hosted on this site cannot be integrated into other online services or applications without the explicit written permission of their operators.

User-submitted Content

Mycubiclechic.com, a community-supported website, relies on its users for most of its primary content.

Mycubiclechic.com might allow public comments on certain content. The site will display any text submitted by users, together with the relevant content. Operators and Architects intend to restrict the use of the commenting function to constructive feedback and other discussions related directly to the content. It should not be used to make personal insults, offend or off-topic comments, discuss racially and culturally sensitive material, share sexual content or for any other material not appropriate for a family audience. We ask that you refrain from posting any personally identifiable information on the website, no matter if it concerns yourself or someone else. Children under 13 must not post comments or any other content unless supervised by a parent or guardian or another responsible adult.

Any content submitted to Mycubiclechic.com is subject to moderation. Moderators have the right to delete or modify content at any moment, either manually or automatically. This includes using user-generated data to decide what content is acceptable for our audience. Modification criteria can change over time.

Prohibited Content

Mycubiclechic.com has been designed to be family-friendly. We don’t accept porn, mature or adult content. Submissions that encourage weapons (not the type of hobby/movie/games content) or images that glorify violence and bloodshed are not accepted. If we receive a notice, we may suspend or remove your account.


Mycubiclechic.com, and all associated services, are maintained by this web site’s operators. Access and up-time cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes the site might be unavailable due to technical issues. It could be because of planned or emergency maintenance, feature updates, bug fixes, server migrations or failures, or to prevent unauthorized usage, hacking, exploitation, or misuse of the Web site, its resources, and any other reasons.


Mycubiclechic.com, its partners, owners, employees, contractors and partners are not financially or legally liable for any loss, injury, damage or damage resulting from Mycubiclechic.com and its Associated Sites. If you have any questions regarding the website, we are available to assist you.